Thursday, April 20, 2006

Google Beats Estimates Big Time!

Google beat estimates so much this quarter it's almost scary. Just think if you got in the Google IPO when it was at $80.00. Google's first quarter profit were up 60%. I actually bought one share of (GOOG) last year for around $200 and sold when it went up to $400. Today at the end of the session was at $448.33. OK, that's already extremely high watch tomorrow for Google to shoot up even further. The thing that perplexes me is Google as far as I'm aware makes most of its money off one source of revenue and that's advertising. Yes, advertising sales are up at Google, but why aren't other "pay-per-click" advertisers stocks going up as fast as Google? Yahoo is a growing, professionally run, innovative company, but its stock is only $33.37 per share. Today Yahoo stock actually went down -0.17. MIVA another "pay-per-click" 2nd tier PPC search company is at a measly $6.22. Oh yeah and what about Microsoft (MSFT) they have it all including a service like Google's PPC advertising that's currently in BETA testing so why isn't there stock shooting up like Google.

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