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Jamba is known as Jamster here in the US. Jamba’s headquarters are in Berlin Germany. Jamba's main source of revenue according to Wikipedia is by selling ringtones for mobile phones. "In late 2004 under Irvin's direction, VeriSign bought Jamba for $270 million ("


The figures for this company are amazing. "Jamba/Jamster boomed - when Verisign bought the business it was making $15 million per quarter and 3 quarters later it was making $150 million a quarter - in 2005 the company made close to $600 million in revenue (" To give you a perspective on these numbers Sirius Satellite Radio stock ticker SIRI made 242.3 million in revenue in 2005! Yes, I know ringtones don't have much to do with Satellite radio, but it shows you how healthy Jamster is as a company. What's ironic is Sirius Satellite Radio is now a household name with only 242.3 million in revenue in 2005 (S&P) and yet few people have heard of Jamster even though they made $600 million in 2005.


Jamba/ runs a very well designed, streamlined site which makes it easy for users to sign up as quickly. has a good customer service team. There is no minimum time one has to subscribe to the subscription plan, you can cancel anytime.


"Jamba! has drawn criticism for allegedly misleading customers in its service advertisements. In general, Jamba! services are sold as a subscription, despite advertising that seems to imply that customers are buying a one-off phone ringtone. The firm has drawn criticism for making it difficult to unsubscribe; for example, as of December, 2005, Jamba!'s German website FAQ does not mention the SMS code needed to cancel all subscriptions ("

Contacting Customer Service at Jamster:

You can contact customer service at 866-856-JAMS or contact Jamster via their on site contact form. If you would like to learn how to cancel your service plan visit the Jamster FAQ.


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