Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Virus on my official blog at CashSherpa.com

Hey everyone! I'm sorry to report my official blog CashSherpa.com has a virus that as of now I'm not able to get rid of. For now I'm back to posting on this blog 9malls.blogspot.com. I'm working with my hosting company and Wordpress to resolve this virus. Here's some more information on the virus.. if you have any information or have been infected with the virus PLEASE let me know how to get rid of it.

The virus injects malicious javascript code into the default.aspx page causing a redirect to http://reddii.ru/traffic/sploit1/ and sometimes causing a redirect to a PDF file on http://reddii.ru/traffic/sploit1/.


tazmanny said...

please, share with me any information you may have about this virus. I have it on my site, and regardless of how many times I re-upload the content. IT keeps coming back.

planetali said...

hi.. am also have this problem..i didn't get any active swolution for this from my hosting team..this will always effected on index files at bottom only..so am inserted following code to end of my all php files.



Now the malware script will insert below of this code..but doesn't efect to view my site. weekly once i will delete the inserted code manually..this only a temporery swolution. if any one got full swolution informe me.

My URL is www.medicinestudent.net