Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back From Las Vegas! Am I More Productive?

Just got back from my week long trip to Las Vegas and I’m feeling extremely refreshed and rejuvenated. I left the cold cloudy weather of Seattle to 75-80 degree weather. It was perfect. Best part of all I was away from my computer for a whole week. That’s probably the longest period of absence in about 8 years!!!

White Rock Canyon AZ - Hot Springs Hike

Lake Havasu Arizona

Las Vegas was more of base camp than anything because from there I traveled to White Rock Canyon Arizona where I hiked 3.5 miles each way to a natural hot springs. Then from there I journeyed to Lake Havasu Arizona where I lounged in the water and watched the craziness unfold on the boats. Then my final trip outside of Vegas was to Zion National Park in Utah where the highlight was climbing the Angel’s Landing Trail. The trail in some cases is only 3-4 feet wide and on one side there’s a 800 foot cliff and the other side a 1200 foot cliff. There wasn’t any room for error because one wrong step would be a sure end.

Zion National Park Utah - Angel's Landing

In Vegas I gambled a total on $25 (lost it all). For me it was most about the clubs, lounges, shows, pools, food, site seeing, and just enjoying the warm weather.

I feel more motivated now that I’m back to do work. I’ve said this before of my blog about the benefits of taking vacations to increase productivity. It’s counterintuitive, but it works. Avoid burn out change your scenery!

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