Friday, April 18, 2008

Volvo? Volvo? Yeah the Volvo C30 is Seriously Awesome

Hatchbacks are already popular in Europe it's time the US gets rid of their addiction to oversized road yachts and swap them out for something lean and sporty. Volvo is shooting for the young urbanites with accelerating careers and intense, active lifestyles.

The Volvo C30 is not only seriously awesome, but in keeping with the theme of the blog it will save you on gas too. The Volvo C30 gets 20 MPG city and 28 HWY. Even thought the Volvo C30 gets decent gas mileage performance isn't sacrificed. The C30 T5 Version 1.0 has a 227 HP engine that does 0-60 in 6.7 seconds.

I want to get the C30 for its sporty, muscular looks (not cutesy, retro look...think Mini Cooper), the performance, interior quality (some have said it's on par with Audi interiors), 18" Atreus Alloy Wheels, and 10-Speaker Audio System with Dolby ProLogic II Surround Sound.

So how much is all this you’re wondering... With these options the Volvo C30 prices out at $26,445 + near 9% sales tax in my part of the country. So price is $28,825.05.

For this price it's difficult choose because I could go from a "near luxury car" in the C30 to full on luxury in the 2002 BMW 745i Sedan. Yes, it's older, but it's a sweet car.

I'll be sure to post once I get my car!

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