Thursday, April 10, 2008 Unlimited Calls to United States and Canada $20 a Year

You read the title and I was like you I didn’t believe it. wrote an article about Magic Jack. That’s where I heard about this new product that launched in 2008.

How does it work?

Plug ANY household phone into the Magic Jack

Plug the Magic Jack into any USB port on your computer

Pick up the phone and talk for free ($20/year) anywhere in the USA and Canada

Until April 15th you get a 30 day no risk free trial.

I haven’t tested this product yet, but I am so tempted. I’ve wanted to drop my local phone company for such a long time now. The phone number you pick is yours for life even when you move. With the Magic Jack I really don’t have any excuses anymore to drop the overpriced local phone company. I mean really? Why do we need local phones when we have cell phones, e-mail, voip, etc. It’s an old technology that needs to die ASAP.

Check product out at There are video reviews of the product from 3rd parties which are very helpful.

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