Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bucca Di Beppo Free Entree Coupon For Filling Survey

Why ever pay for your meals? My suggestion to you is fill out comment cards at the restaurants you frequent, sign up for restaurant mailing lists from their web sites, and tell them your birth date. You never know what kind of free stuff they will send your way. On my birthday I get several offers from free desserts to completely free dinners. If you live in the Seattle area my recommendation would be to sign up for the Duke's Chowder House e-mail list. Duke's always sending free stuff my way.

Right now fill out a super short survey and receive a free meal from everyones favorite Italian Restaurant Bucca Di Beppo.

To fill out the Bucca Di Beppo Survey click here.

Find Bucca Di Beppo locations.

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