Monday, February 18, 2008

Continuing the Super Affiliate Blog Tradition

"Super Affiliate Dinner" Beer Batter Cod & Home Made Chips

The name of this article is, "Continuing the Super Affiliate Blog Tradition." What is the tradition you ask? We’ll I’m a subscriber of a number of blogs authored by Super Affiliates. I notice that they like to show off where they go and what grand lifestyles they live in order to increase their blog popularity. Who can blame them? Out of all the things Super Affiliate Bloggers take pictures of I find it funniest when they take photographs of their food. Super Affiliate bloggers take picture after picture of their extravagant 4, 5, and even 6 course dinners. I thought what the hell I’ll take pictures of my (A Super Affiliate) meal. Except I got one up on them, I made it myself from scratch! I’m not only a successful affiliate marketer I’m also a chef! Eat that Super Affiliate bloggers.

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