Thursday, February 21, 2008

Top 3 Reason Why You Should Join

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Join $0.00 Stock Trades

1) Cheapest out of all the stock trading companies. is $12.99, Ameritrade $9.99, Scottrade $7.00, and Sharebuilder $15.95.

2) No minimum balance and no minimum deposit to open an account.

3) Make more money while trading with less money! Every penny counts for the small investor.

If you can pay less for something you already use I recommend taking advantage of the offer. I already trade online, but pay $9.99 with Ameritrade. That’s $19.98 when you have bought and sold a stock. It ads up, especially when you don’t put a lot of capital in the trade. That changes with a company called With Zecco on account balances on $2,500 or more you get 10 free stock trades a month. With account balances Less than $2,500 you pay only $4.50 per trade. I plan on closing my Ameritrade account and opening a account as soon as possible. With no commissions on stock trades on balances over $2,500 this really changes everything.


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