Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day… Psss Save Money Skip the Restaurant

So you’re here because you want to save and become wealthy. I’m hear to tell you can do this, but you got to be smart in both how you work and how you spend. Relationships and family can be very expensive. I don’t want any angry e-mails, but tonight on Valentine's Day instead of getting pressured into going out to some fancy Restaurant bring the entertainment home.

I did some searching on the Internet for a semi fancy restaurant. I found one called Max Streak House located in New York City. Here’s the price breakdown.

"Classic" Caesar Salad- Hearts of romaine, shaved reggiano, herb croutons, and classic caesar dressing, please request anchovies, 8.95.

Filet Mignon, (Bone-In) 16oz- Served with brandy peppercorn sauce, 47.00.

This is just the bare minimum mind you, no desert. You will probably order a couple glasses of wine so lets say they cost $8.00 per glass.

OK total is 63.95 per person x 2 (Your date) = $127.90 + 20% tip = $153.48

I know I’ll be accused of being cheap, but you could do this in your home for around $50 or less. Caesar salad kit $3.50, Filet Mignon is usually about $10 a pound $20, and a fine bottle of wine $10. So your grand total for the evening is only $33.50 and you got to show off your awesome cooking skills!!!

I think it’s better to put effort and time into something you give than taking the easy way out in buying a prepackaged product. It’s much more appreciated and you feel better about giving it as well.

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